Inside the Refugee Crisis: After the Dust Settled

November 23, 2016

A year ago, Save the Children published the full version of my story of traveling with the Syrian family from Budapest through Europe, eventually ending in Hamburg. They did a beautiful job building out the back story with an interactive map to illustrate the mom's interview. So here it is-- The Refugee Crisis: Through The Eyes of One Family.

This family is wonderful and they are one of many. Getting to know them launched me into a new direction with my photography as I started Brother's Keeper International, a website & blog to tell firsthand stories from refugees and people who are in community with them. My friends and I started Liebe bewegt, a running group for Berliners, old and new and we ran together in the Müggelsee Half-Marathon. Follow Brother's Keeper on Instagram for more personal stories from inside the refugee crisis - after the refugees are no longer in crisis.