Behind the scenes in Budapest shooting The Peace Between. Photo credit: Dennis Dunow

I'm happy to announce my new film project: THE PEACE BETWEEN.

In collaboration with director Caroline Kamya, I am producing & shooting The Peace Between, a short documentary film telling the stories of friendships between locals and refugees in different corners of Europe: North, South, East & West. The film tells four stories, each one about a cross-cultural friendship between a local and a newcomer. We see how these relationships grew from first impressions and initial reservations, to the events that brought them together and how the friendship changed them.

We just had our first shoot in Budapest, Hungary in June 2017 and are currently casting in Denmark, Greece, & France, where we will shoot in July - September 2017. Film screenings will be followed by discussion times hosted by local organisations and churches, in order to open dialogue about being in community with new neighbours and relating to one another from a place of understanding and respect.

Check out my Patreon page for updates on the film, behind the scenes stories and more info on how you can become a patron of the arts. =)

This film is a passion project and is not for profit, financed in part by my generous patrons, who believe in supporting artists directly. In the olden days, it was the rich who supported the arts & had a say in commissioning projects - but with the Patreon platform, anybody can support their favourite artist for the price of a cup of coffee. At the moment, I have 50% of the funds that I need and am looking for more patrons who are passionate to see stories like these.

photo credit: Dennis Dunow


A year ago, Save the Children published the full version of my story of traveling with the Syrian family from Budapest through Europe, eventually ending in Hamburg. They did a beautiful job building out the back story with an interactive map to illustrate the mom's interview. So here it is-- The Refugee Crisis: Through The Eyes of One Family.

This family is wonderful and they are one of many. Getting to know them launched me into a new direction with my photography as I started Brother's Keeper International, a website & blog to tell firsthand stories from refugees and people who are in community with them. My friends and I started Liebe bewegt, a running group for Berliners, old and new and we ran together in the Müggelsee Half-Marathon. Follow Brother's Keeper on Instagram for more personal stories from inside the refugee crisis - after the refugees are no longer in crisis.


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Portrait of me by a 7-year-old girl. September 2015.

Dear Readers, I am blogging this week at Medium, please check out the full story there.

Wedding, Berlin: If you duck into an open doorway or wander into one of many inner courtyards, you will find peeling signs of forgotten businesses as well as clusters of current ones, especially obscure artists, handworkers and other surprising ventures. 22/11/2013