Romania Rocks the Vote

November 23, 2014

Waiting to vote, Romanian Embassy, Berlin. 16 November 2014.

Last Sunday was a big day for Romanians, as opposition candidate Klaus Iohannis challenged the Prime Minister Victor Ponta in the presidential elections. Two weeks earlier, in the preliminary vote, thousands of Romanians abroad were denied the right to vote and so on November 16th, they turned out in even greater numbers to vote at their embassies in Berlin and other Europeans cities. In the end, Klaus Iohannis won with 54.5% of the vote. It will be the first time that someone from Transylvania governs Romania and the first time that someone from an ethnic minority is elected president.

Here is a brilliant article which sums up why this election result was so surprising and includes this quote from Charlie Robertson, global chief econmist at Renaissance Capital Ltd. in London:

“This is more dramatic than Americans electing Barack Obama. Electing someone belonging to 1 percent of a country’s minority is a sign of political maturity.”

Romanians queued up for hours to vote at the embassy in Berlin. 16 November 2014.