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I believe that disregarding moments of little weight causes areas of larger consequence to suffer. I tell stories of marginalized people and look for unexpected beauty in ordinary places, specializing in analogue portraiture.

I love to collaborate with musicians on cover art for their albums; this is my happy place and a balance to the heavier topics I cover.

Clients include NGOs such as Save the Children and musicians CROOK, Isabel Ment, & Eva Turnová.

Friends include this Syrian family who I traveled with from Budapest to Hamburg in September 2015 and men and women from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan who are now living in Europe. Read their stories here.

Stories of refugees and their new lives in Europe is the focus of my ongoing project, Brother's Keeper International. These photo essays and firsthand interviews with refugees are 100% financed by patrons on the crowdfunding platform Patreon. Your support is much appreciated.